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Who is NDT

NDT was registered on 21st of March in 1989 under the Trusts Monies Act of 1934, NDT is a non-Governmental Organisation. It was  founded  in  1987  as  a  welfare  organisation  to  channel  aid  from  the  European Commission  to  communities  disadvantaged  by past colonial policies. It later transformed itself in playing an active role in community development.



NDT aims to develop organizational and institutional capacities of rural and urban marginalized communities through people-centred development that aims to ensure improved livelihoods, and empowers communities towards social justice and social change.


NDT envisages strong and self-sustaining communities.


Objective 1: Building organizations of the rural poor 

Objective 2: Promoting people-centered development approaches

Objective 3: Facilitating development coordination

Objective 4: Ensuring operational sustainability



Namibia Development Trust, NDT is a non-Governmental Organisation, founded in 1987 as a welfare organisation to channel aid from the European Commission to ‘Victims of Apartheid’ in Namibia. It was founded by a consortium of civil society organisations such as Council of Churches in Namibia CCN, National Union of Namibian Workers NUNW, Namibia National Students Organisation NANSO, and others, to find a way of channelling development assistance to especially communities that were previously disadvantaged under apartheid and colonial rule in Namibia. As a result of the need to promote the welfare and livelihoods of the majority disadvantaged and poor communities in rural Namibia, NDT was formalised in 1989, a year before the independence of Namibia, under the Trusts Monies Act of 1934.


The supreme governing body of the Trust is the Board of Trustees, supported by a Director (Mr. Ronny Dempers) leading a management team, which includes a regional program manager and the financial manager. The current Board of Trustees are: Mr. Stefenus Motinga (Chairperson), Dr. Kavindame Romanus Kawana, (Treasurer), Mr. Samuel Geiseb, Mr. Ignasius Henry Kairunga, Rev. Johannes Boois, Ms. Helena Lyli Ndeutapo and Ms. Carolin Anne Guriras.



Rural and urban communities with a positive bias towards women with an agro entrepreneurial background, either unemployed or not formally employed and earning little income.



NDT is a member of the following organizations:

  • NANGOF TRUST (Namibia Non-governmental Organizations Forum Trust)

  • NACSO (Namibian Association for CBNRM Support Organizations)



Currently NDT has a national office based in Windhoek and one regional office in Oshakati.


Partnerships and Networking

  • NDT places very high premium on building partnership and networking. We would rather delay a cause of action, in order to ensure that we work together with others. That is based on the organisational belief that the war that we have engaged ourselves remains complex and requires different ammunition for winning the battle. Therefore wherever we work we make an extra effort to build relationships with different levels of stakeholders be it government and private sector.


  • Partnerships make us strong and enable us to work and learn together. Therefore we share in success and learn together from our shortcomings. 

Accountability and Transparency

  • One of the track records of NDT has been we have a fraud free record. In other words the organisation has been able to account for the finances that it received. We are therefore grateful to those that have believed in us. We have been able to produce different levels of reports to our donors and have every year been producing financial audited statements. Over the years NDT had three main auditors.

Some of the auditing firms that have served NDT                         

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Namibia Development Trust Footprint Countrywide

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Communal Conservancies


Community Forest

Community Open Markets

Rural Development Centre

Rural women

Community School Hostel

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